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Heyo, we are FORCE. An international clan of (somewhat) crazy people united by our passion for Arma 3. We run weekly coop missions created by our Zeus game masters.
While we don't go full milsim we expect a basline level of seriousness in our mission. Basically, fuck around by all means but not so much that it annoys people ;)
We accept people of all skill levels. Are you a die hard veteran with thousands of hours in Arma? Great, welcome in. Are you a total noob who just bought Arma out of curiosity? We also provide training sessions to teach you the basics of Arma and many of the specialisations that come with it.
Sounds good? Great! Hop on in and join us!
Just keep in mind that we are an 18+ community and won't be able to accept you in if you are underaged.
Vyrus Bumped 22 days ago

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