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My Youkai Academia Roleplay
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My Youkai Academia Roleplay

[15+] We are a brand new, semi-lit to multi-paragraph server that is always looking for new members!

Welcome to an old, Edo-like Japan Musutafu! Not too much has changed.. Accept the world is now overrun with Youkai! Mythical Japanese Creatures, each with different powers and likes of their own! The students you know and love are also Youkai!

U.A. has opened their doors to both human and spirits alike! They aim to make the world a better place and raise well-behaved students in order to do so.

Here, you can choose to be a youkai OC or canon, make a normal human who worships them, or even someone who hates the youkai and wishes to eradicate them!

We are brand new and a bit empty atm because of it, eheh.
Please consider joining us and we look forward to meeting you! ^^
antagonism Bumped 123 days ago

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daductress daductress
My dudes, I am having so much fucking fun here?? The admins are chill and the vibe is nice. The descriptive is fire.
I just wish we had more members.
125 days ago