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Oz 18+

Greetings from Oz 18+! A mature community for people from all walks of life! We serve as a hub for gamers, roleplayers (both text and tabletop gamers), anime and NSFW content! We're a verification based community to keep things mature and secure, after all, the 18+ isn't just a tag in the title!

Once you've joined, there's a section for self-assigned roles so you can tell the people who you are at a glance, while unlocking groups that are relevant to YOUR interests, so you can focus on the things you enjoy! Like-

Our dedicated channels for gamers to talk about their favourite new and old games as well as places to share tags and find groups! Voice chats for events and team games, even party game nights hosted by members and staff!

A section for roleplayers to feel at home (or far far away from it!) in several settings and channels dedicated to worlds and plots built up by members - if they don't find a place to feel at home they can suggest it and add to the list of adventures!

And if you're not interested in roleplay - or talking about your game addictions, you can alwaays entertain yourself with the events category! We have riddles and trivia that are frequently updated, lyric games and more!

Events outside of minigames include group movie nights and karaoke, reading sessions with some (very lovely sounding) members and staff, with more on the table in the future!

For those dealing with the mature balance of children and life and memes, we have a dedicated parenthood channel to go over all the joys (and struggles) of being a mother/father! Somewhere safe to find advice or just venting in the daily life of a parent.
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Ratings & Reviews

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Darkraven Darkraven
Great Server
People are positive, responsive and competent moderation team. Would recommend as a nice hangout spot.
90 days ago
rice crackers rice crackers
the staff in this sevr need 2 sort their shit out. asked if it would be ok to verify w a nonwhihtemember of staff but idk if they have one despte being an 'inclusive' server
accidentally mada tpyo and got a warnign for being nsfw
dont think they make eny efofrt entire forum just seems to be to strok there own egos
dont rly care abot memrsn uless they r brekaing rules
90 days ago
sүℓℓү sүℓℓү
The place you want to be! Need I say more?
The place is wonderful and the people are welcoming. The staff is great and super helpful. Its all around the Place you want to be! I typically am bad with meeting new people and going new places, but I was immediately made to feel welcome and at home. The community has an uncanny ability to make all of us feel welcome to express ourselves however we see fit. I was shocked to find a place that wasn't utterly toxic. So if fun and games with people who aren't toxic this is the place for you! From DnD to online gaming this place has something for everyone! I hope to see you there!
102 days ago
double -ought buckshot double -ought buckshot
Oz 18+ is da best
Awsome people, awsome server, highly recommend.theres a channel for pretty much everything your heart desires. Awsome control of spammers and harmful bots unlike other discord servers.
122 days ago