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The Prison

The Prison

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Welcome to The Prison! What are you here for?

The prison is a prison-themed growing discord server with 40+ members. Not only do we have a special channel just for weebs, but we also have...

♢ Entertaining bots!
♢ A cookie system!
♢ Active and polite staff!
♢ Gaming events!
♢ A supportive community!
♢ Invite events!
♢ Overall epicness!

The prison is for everyone! Crime enthusiasts, weebs, doomers, boomers, zoomers, crackheads, roleplayers (no nsfw), animal lovers, normies, etc.


Thank you for supporting The Prison! ⊂(•‿•⊂ )*.✧
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Ratings & Reviews

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limeylime limeylime
Gud, I like it. Fun, and nobody is disrespectful. It very cul, and I give everyone cookies and smiles.
284 days ago