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Little Planet Sonic Roleplay

Little Planet Sonic Roleplay

★🎊🎉Welcome to Little Planet!🎊🎉★

🔹️- •Greetings! And welcome to Little Planet! We are a Sonic roleplay server with our own lore! We have a very chill and wholesome atmosphere, we are all friends here! If you want to discuss Sonic or just chill around, feel free to do so! For roleplayers: Here you can claim all canon characters on the Sonic Universe, and submit your fantastic oc characters! We are loose on restrictions for your original characters but strict on RP aspects but don't be afraid to submit yours! Little Planet is the perfect server for any Sonic fan to enjoy!•

💠- •However, we are not only restricted to Sonic characters here! We allow characters from other Sonic Team or SEGA franchises like NiGHTS, Billy Hatcher, Jet Set Radio! In addition to that, we also allow OCs from these franchises here!•

★✨Our server offers:✨★

🎁- •Fun RP events! Have you ever wanted to be captured into a game show or have a fight on a café?•

🎈- •Various and diverse of roleplay channels! Diverse locations to RP in! Including locations from other allowed franchises and exclusive new ones!•

🍿- •Easy and simple but detailled original character templates!•

★🔘What we also offer:🔘★

✅- •Verification system. To protect our server from any threats, inside or outside!•

💎 - •Colour Roles. Over 48 to choose from! Along with other roles!•

☂️ - •Active moderators! Ready to help!•

🔊 - •Voice channels. Talk with our fellow friends!•

🌺 - •Art channels. Share your beautiful art!•

★❗What is not allowed:❗★

❌- •NSFW/Vore/Fetishes/ERP/Sexual topics/Gore/Lewd things.•

❌- •Excessive/Unnecessary Swearing •It's the same thing as NSFW. Anything not appropriate shall be deleted.•

❌- •Not having respect for our fellow members. We will not and never tolerate bullying.•

•❓For more information, please head to the rules and read them carefully.❓•

★🔸️We would like you to join us today!🔸️★

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Addendum To The Server Description:
★In addition to that, Little Planet prides itself on having a welcoming and warm community, trying its best to balance the server's activity to not be over-active which can be troublesome for users, it has generally a safe ambient and quiet so users can partake and join in ongoing discussions without trouble.★

•As the owner of this server, I am sure to say you will like here if you are willing to open your heart, reach new endless possibilities if you stay with us!•

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95 days ago
angst gremlin angst gremlin
Wouldn't really recommend
As welcoming as it might be, this server doesn't exactly have the best standards for OCs, the limits on what they can or can't do is very lax and more often than not an extremely overpowered OC will be allowed in for loosely following rules that have already no real standards set in place (the only real limit set for OCs is that anything goes as long as it's not a god or demi god, which gives far too much freedom to make it a far experience for everyone).

There is no real way to interact with anyone there because there is just no winning against almost anyone if you have tried to build an OC that is more than all the powers that can be fit in the bio. Pretty much everything is horribly unbalanced and just not fun to write. While there are a few OCs worth writing with, the server itself is... not the best, RP management wise.
Srbingo Srbingo
Admin response
Recently we've been trying to repurpose the character guidelines and try to fix things out regarding RP management issues, but thanks for the critic regardless.

The old server was indeed lax and unbalanded when it beginned, I wasn't much of a good RPER and server administrator at that time. But now we are doing our best to fix these mistakes and build together a better server.
184 days ago