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Camp Half-Blood - Oneiros
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Camp Half-Blood - Oneiros

⪼-⊰ Welcome to Camp Half-Blood ⊱-⪻
Kill-, er, saving teenagers for centuries!

Camp Half-Blood, Oneiros, is a roleplay server focused on putting you, the reader, into Riordan's story, and giving a new meaning to what it means to be a demigod...
After all, contrary to what you hear, it isn't all fun and games!

At Oneiros you can expect to see:

. * ˚ An enthralling Plot
「 We offer a mix of unqiue questlines, sidelines, and camp events to ensure everyone gets to have a fun story

. * ˚ Open Partnerships
「 We are open to partnering with most Discord servers assuming you follow the ToS and don't violate our partnership terms

. * ˚ 23 Parents
Twenty-three different godly parents to choose from, meant to work with unique powers system including both common traits, and unique specials

. * ˚ Active Staff
An active staff team to ensure rule-breakers are dealt with quickly, and that your bio is reviewed right away

. * ˚ Chill Community
We're always open to new members, and have a wide variety of channels to ensure you can talk about just anything you want < backup link
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Ratings & Reviews

17 reviews
Boris Skossyreff Boris Skossyreff
A Very Flawed Server- But It Can Still Be Really Fun
Leading up- before you read this review, know that I am about as biased as one can be. I've owned Oneiros since the beginning, and yeah, owners reviewing servers can be pretty sketchy, though I'll try to be as objective as possible.

Community: From my perspective as supreme dictator, the community is pretty epic- the people can be friendly, and I'd like to think welcoming to new people. We have active people who don't have characters, because they enjoy talking, but not everything is sunshine rainbows. Moderation is incredibly lax, and the whole ooc environment is incredibly memey and not serious. If you want a serious environment for a roleplay server, or can be triggered earlier, this is not at all the server for you.

Roleplay: The Roleplay tends to be pretty literate- though not typically going to the novella level, you'll surely find a few people to match with. One lining, for the most part, is non existent. If you are a one-liner, and well, only want to one-line, this server isn't for you, and you'd almost certainly get clowned ooc. The bio reviewing process is VERY strict, perhaps overly so. Very few people can get by first time, and the reviewers can apply differing standards. The server does have a plot- one that's well, very long winded. It is a bit on pause now- but there is a lot of different moving pieces and random details that can make it confusing and hard to initially get into.

Staff: Staff issues, well, plague the server, but not in a real drama like fashion. All the owners, quite frankly, should put more effort into improving the server- and the lax ooc environments practically makes the mods and admins useless. From a server running stand point, there's lots of improvement to be made.

In conclusion: Don't get me wrong- Oneiros is a VERY fun server, and I have many great memories here. It just doesn't appeal to everyone at all- but to a specific niche- those who want an extremely lax ooc, and a serious and "gritty" roleplay. If you want a server fulfill power fantasies, or a well moderated server with triggers, Oneiros is certainly not it. Regardless- everyone's welcome to give it a shot, and I hope we can get you hooked!
4 days ago
Damon isnotfuckinhappy Damon isnotfuckinhappy
A great server with some minor flaws
So first of all this is like the 3rd chb server I've ever properly rped in. And I've been here the longest. Even though I can't rp much now the time I had rping was awesome. The staff works hard to provide the best possible rp experience. Wether it be NPCs or events. Hell I think the staff here is the best there is. The ooc stuff can be a bit overwhelming but you get used to it. This server really has given me some of the best memories in discord. 100% would recommend joining if you want a consistent, fun and great rp experience.
17 days ago
sword_lesbian⚔ sword_lesbian⚔
it's all drugs
rp is very literate, character process is detailed and allows for maximum character development and stuff idfk, the staff are so, so wonderful and dedicated to the server, plot, and events, and the community is just a fuckin bag of drugs but they're nice

TL;DR: most epic chb on discord, 10/10
17 days ago
Ten 🌹 Ten 🌹
pascal is scared and hiding under a bed with a hedgehog and a dog in aphro cabin
17 days ago