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Sommerbach | ERP-Tabletop
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Sommerbach | ERP-Tabletop

โš”๏ธ 18+ ERP medieval-fantasy โš”๏ธ
๐ŸŽฒ Custom fighting and economy system ๐ŸŽฒ
๐Ÿ’  OC with stat-building ๐Ÿ’ 
๐Ÿ“š Semi-lit/lit ๐Ÿ“š
๐Ÿ• Slice-of-life elements ๐Ÿ•
๐Ÿšซ Carefully selected participants ๐Ÿšซ
๐ŸŒˆ LGBTQ+ and Kink friendly ๐ŸŒˆ

From the handbook:

"Sommerbach is a Discord ERP/DnD (18+ and Non-Con) server: a mixture of text role play and Tabletop RPG elements which leads to a unique adventuring experience!

The town of Sommerbach is recovering from its recent destruction by an invasion of creatures - some that still exist in dungeons in the local area!

Players are able to migrate to Sommerbach as adventurers, merchants, cooks, or even as a local whore! Your character is your own and your journey awaits in Sommerbach! Help us clear dungeons, complete difficult quests, slay horrid monsters, return the town to its former glory, and much more!"
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ษพาฝีฒโฆเผ„โ‹† ษพาฝีฒโฆเผ„โ‹†
DnD Roleplay
Sommerbach, is a roleplay server taken to a different level. Most roleplayer servers are the same. Sommerbach is different due to the mechanics, dice bot, and other special server settings they use. Upon joining it prevents trolls from entering at ruining the fun. The server has a story line along with players working together to progress. The server as a whole is a grind to progress and achieve better gear. The grind over all is what makes the roleplay fun. Seeing your character slowly progress as you work towards your goal.
Make sure to say Hi to your local Neko~
100 days ago
Bits & Bobs Bits & Bobs
In a rush? Here is the short and sweet of it; the writing averages at a subpar "semi-lit" level. The people in charge of the server (or the ones I've met, anyway) seem to be either actively inflammatory and hostile, or more than willing to protect those among their rank who cause problems. If you do join, it is definitely something worth keeping in mind, as even just a few bad apples will spoil the bunch.

Overall, the more time I spend here, the more and more it seems to be a place ill-suited for me. As far as the roleplay goes, it leaves much to be desired as far as everybody's general writing abilities go -with only a scant few individuals of particular interest being able to type up genuinely interesting and fun-to-read paragraphs where most of the users will linger around a "Semi-Lit" level. I am unsure as to whether the omnipresent D&D-esque mechanics are to blame for this, however I feel that this might be the case as this is far from the first time I have encountered this issue in tabletop-like roleplaying servers.

There is also a nigh-constant lack of the ability to properly differentiate basic words such as "its" and "it's", or "you're" and "your" -even among the server staff, which is ...well, telling of what to expect of the place.

These issues are secondary, however, to why I have given this server a low score. I have had only a scarce couple of interactions with the staff of the server and those proved to be enough to educate me on the nature of the place. The staff seems to be composed primarily of a group of friends, with a number of them referring to each other with pet names, such as "wifey" and the like -which, mind you, is not a problem in and of itself, however it goes beyond that. One of the members of the staff had approached me (completely of their own volition, and completely unasked for on my part), making some comment about some nonsense involving a video. Somehow, this ended up devolving into them jabbing at and insulting me in a most passive-aggressive manner, simply because they ultimately misunderstood something I had said (the natural response to misunderstanding, as opposed to politely asking for clarification). Soon enough, it was little more than them spitting out constant sarcasm and mocking my intellect, whereas I actually bothered with attempting to peacefully resolve the issue by addressing the misunderstanding.

Needless to say, my efforts went largely unrewarded as the "Neko Booster" fellow ultimately blocked me before we could properly discuss the matter, all while still making a fuss over the whole ordeal -only to later advise other staff members (namely their "wifey") to block me, ultimately implying that it was my fault/I started it/people like me are no good/etc. When another of the staff members made a general statement of avoiding from causing such messy affairs in the OOC chats (for reasons including giving off a bad first impression for newcomers and also possibly swaying the results of the application process), the instigator of the mess simply replied with "Tried to tell them not to get into it with me".

Not only is this an abject lie, but it also suggests that not only is this particular staff member fully aware of their ability to sway the application process, but also that they might abuse such power. It's simply such a shamelessly blame-shifting response, complete with a gif of some loli anime girl shrugging, as if to emphasize just how little they care about potentially abusing their position. After all, it is my fault, no?

Not as important, but the aforementioned "wifey" had pinged me with a short paragraph about not insulting people needlessly (something I did only after the "Neko Booster" had stated that I was blocked), saying that I wouldn't have many friends, etc, etc. All, of course, while not addressing *anything* that the other had done in the entire exchange. It is this that leads me to believe that the staff is just tainted, as they'd (apparently) so readily brush off the abhorrent behavior coming from their own ranks, yet condemn even a mild facsimile of that same hostility in anyone they do not know or like.
SoldierofAsterion SoldierofAsterion
Admin response
Hello Bits!

I'm sorry your experience in our server wasn't an enjoyable one. However I must request that you experience the entirety of the server rather than making an opinion based on a few interactions with very few players.

You had 0 staff interaction (Staff is GMs. Not a "neko booster". The closest thing you can probably say it's staff is either a beholder or an imp. And you had a lovely experience with an Imp) so please don't claim that the "staff" are actively "inflammatory" or "hostile" because you did not interact with us.

The rest of the review borders around talking badly about two members. I don't think you need a review for that ;)

And the "your" and "you're" comment, well again. You only interacted with OOC, not the RP of the server (which you didn't have full access to in reading it) where people often (and not staff) don't put an emphasis in worrying about grammar.

Once again, I apologize your experience in the server wasn't an enjoyable one, and I appreciate the review, but this doesn't give us much in terms of constructive criticism and feels like an attempt at bashing a selected few players. Which is very childlike.

Good luck in your future endeavours.
135 days ago
ForeverDM ForeverDM
Been here like a year or something. Ngl, can't remember cause time files here. I meet some great people here. I won't say there's some not terrible here or not great things here but every server has that. What makes it different on how others worked from the ones I'm apart of is one simple thing. No matter how much we want to kill each other or want to burn the forest again. It's a great place. Designed well, okay people, good design, great place to burn a forest, pervy people, horny people, not so horny people, and Challan, He's a great person, well everyone is. You should join or don't. I'm not getting paid.
149 days ago
Abaddon Abaddon
This server is one of the best functioning servers. Itโ€™s GMs are great and work tirelessly to make it work. With interactive members that offer new ideas and comment on issues that arise. Everyone works to make this server and its members feel like a home. I been in this server for a few months and love every aspect even the challenges that kick my ass on occasion. Makes everything worth while to experience.
150 days ago