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「 Out of Orbit 」

out of orbit was created with the intention to create a fun and laidback environment for those interested in astrological discussions and expanding knowledge on other spiritual fields. Join us for a good time, and a safe space to share your thoughts and advance more into different spiritual practices.

☄️ discussion panels for different spiritual topics.
☄️ reading channels with dedicated readers (tarot & astrology)
☄️ workshops to hone your skills for those seeking to learn
☄️ weekly discussions
☄️ active staff + members
☄️ bot commands that teach astrology
☄️ fun games
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Ratings & Reviews

9 reviews
Jezebel Jezebel
Educational, fun and filled with great people
A really educational and fun server. I was guided on how to read birth charts as soon as I joined. Staff and users are very knowledgeable and chill.
214 days ago
𝕸𝖗.𝕸𝖊𝖗𝖑𝖎𝖓 𝕸𝖗.𝕸𝖊𝖗𝖑𝖎𝖓
If you want to learn about astrology and even other things associated with occult sciences this is the right place. Staff is always ready to help out. It is a wonderful server.
228 days ago
nuzzletops nuzzletops
Great & Knowledgeable Community
University of the Universe is a great place to hang out and learn! From Astrology to Human Design to Tarot and more, the community is knowledgeable and helpful. Very respectful and fun as well. The admins as well as community are very active, come say hi!

Very happy I joined the server, no regrets!
228 days ago
Manas Manas
Cool Server run by cool people.
1. people are really informed on topics like astrology.
2. people are friendly
3. I met a few people who are my good friends now.
4. *dab*
228 days ago