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A Fishy Following 2.0
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A Fishy Following 2.0

Welcome to our Fishy Following.
I am Indigo, one of the Admins here. Our server recently underwent reconstruction, and now everything is twice as clean and organized as it was before!

We are not open for more partnerships until we reach the big 100 milestone! All are welcome to come and join our wacko server though!
Bumped 12 days ago

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rodent.on.a.string rodent.on.a.string
A Fishy Server
would not recommend. not enough fishes and satanism. big gay. untalented losers. not enough fishe.
0/5 server.

okay but seriously, this is a great server where you can find stuff such as:
- horny teens
- teens being horny
- gay teens (that are horny ofc)
- too much talent that makes you wonder why you even bother doing art because you’ll never be as goo-
- and much much more

so come on down, and try some fishe, or you’re just one big goddamn- bishe? AAAAAA-
163 days ago
Indigo Wasp Indigo Wasp
A lovely hellhole
I made this server about two months ago, and I'm glad to say that our progress and community have grown exponentially! Hilarious people, chill mods, and only the spiciest memes can be found here! We excitedly await your arrival!
264 days ago