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All Systems Go

All Systems Go is a community oriented server for systems of all types, which includes traumagenic, endogenic, mixed, unknown, etc., and supportive singlets. We welcome all types and require that anyone who joins also be accepting of all system types.

Features include:
∴ Reaction roles
∴ PluralKit
∴ Pokecord
∴ Other fun bots
∴ System role specific spaces
∴ Singlet specific space
∴ Little/middle spaces
∴ Friendly staff you are more than welcome to engage with!
∴ Suggestion channel (for use with the command ub!suggest) where new features suggested by members can be voted on and discussed.
∴ And much more, because we're adding new things all the time!

We are a fairly small server, but we hope to grow and become a safe, fun and bright part of the plural community as a whole!
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Ratings & Reviews

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Wisteria Wisteria
Really nice server.
Super welcoming, everyone here is really sweet. Definitely recommend this server 💕
255 days ago