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Land of Electus

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Land of Electus
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Welcome to Land of Electus! We're an old-school RP server with the old setup that I'm sure many long-time Discord RPers have seen before! A whole levelling system, a personal and thorough approval system... you name it, we've got it! Though, I am aware that making a list is gonna catch more people's eyes, so let's get onto that

❖ 6 nations to pick from!
- This is one of the most important parts of our roleplay! In Electus, you have a choice between six kingdoms. We have Omnis, which allows all species. We have Infernum; which allows demonic, draconic, and vampiric species. We have Aequalis, which allows human species. We have Coelum, which allows angelic species. We have Folium, which allows elvish species. And then finally, we have Petita, which allows both wolfish and animalistic species. Pretty nice variety, if I do say so myself~

❖ A great species system!
- Now, this may be subjective, but... I think our species system is pretty bomb. Sure, you've gotta do all the work to level up, but it's worth it! You gain access to more powerful species, but... don't let that detract you from our server at first. While some species may be stronger than you, our strongest species have been things like demons and angels. Those are some pretty low level species! It’s all about how you *use* the species, so don’t worry about someone else having a stronger breed than you!

❖ Creative Freedom!
- This is what I personally thinks really makes this server what it is. In Electus, you have the ability to freely create species and with enough time you can even be amongst the most powerful! Ya just have to be nice and active and if you catch our eye and try hard enough, who knows? Maybe some day you’ll have an elite guard to your name :)

❖ SFW server!
- This is gonna be good for some, and uh... not so much for others! Basically, no ERP is here! I know there’s succubi and incubi here and they’re *literally* a species that has sex with people in their sleep, but trust me that isn’t what this server is. We don’t allow that type of stuff and so you can be sure to be safe of that kind of RP here if you don’t like it!

❖ A levelling system to grow and gain more perks over time!
- I kind of mentioned this before, but here I’ll explain it in a bit more depth! With our levelling system, you have the ability to gain an ever-expanding amount of perks. For example, noble-type housing and even the role of a noble all to yourself! Not only that, but higher level people can make higher level species, which is always a plus to help you be even more creative with your thoughts

So come on down and join our world! If this still isn’t enough information, feel free to check out! It has all of our server’s main info inside of it and would be really useful to learn about

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Domachroma! Domachroma!
pretty cool server dude ngl. why do i have to make this review eighty characters long? that's kinda excessive; i'm way too lazy to do that. so i'll just yeet some pancakes onto a grill and b a k e
139 days ago
5 2
BourbonOnTheMoon BourbonOnTheMoon
Great server!
The server is pretty chill and I enjoy being in it. Everyone’s very friendly with each other, and the rp is very interesting. I’d recommend this for anyone.
179 days ago
5 2
AshesOfAFallen AshesOfAFallen
Very Noice
It is very noice. A lot of information to take in, but in a good way. The world is very detailed and staff are almost always online and ready to reply to whatever question you have.
182 days ago
5 3
ℤ𝕪𝕔𝕚𝕖 ℤ𝕪𝕔𝕚𝕖
Great Server
Overall the server is very well put together and the server lore is detailed and tight knit. Staff is very helpful and the community seems nice. I rated only 4 stars though as I did have a rather unfortunate incident in the beginning though everything is resolved now.
185 days ago