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Celestial Era
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Celestial Era

Resting on the seafloor, deep beneath the Atlantic Ocean, lies the city of Atlantis. Built in the mid-2300’s, the city’s buildings are all interconnected by subterranean passages, along with tubelike glass tunnels providing views of the ocean outside. All is not necessarily well within Atlantis, however. In 2289, the first sapient Artificial Intelligence was born. While it was not the “Skynet” scenario everyone feared, it did bring up many moral questions as more and more AI achieved sapience. While the majority of the population see AI, or “Synths” as they prefer to be known, as lesser beings, giving them derogatory names like “scrapheap”, “rustbucket”, and “comp”, a few kind souls argue the equality of the digital species. Some organics, predominantly those who have lost parts of themselves to injury or disease, have chosen to augment their bodies with mechanical parts, blurring the line between man and machine. These organics are typically treated with disdain by both organics and synths alike. The majority of augmentation procedures, as well as robot production, comes from Matthews Cybernetic, run by Thomas Matthews, a ruthless businessman and a staunch opponent of the synth rights movement. Humans are not the only organic species living in Atlantis, however. The SkyLift Spaceport, a massive floating structure anchored above the city, acts as a gateway to the stars.
-This server uses, if you do not have an acount on that platform, it's free to do so ^-^ i hope to see you in the server
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