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The Ghost Server

Rayquaza’s Kingdom is a Pokécord server these are our key features:

lots of giveaways with great prizes

4 regions for you to explore and battle gyms in (more regions soon too come)

great staff members that will help you every step of the way

applications for mod every 2 weeks

we do mod applications every 2 weeks

we have a server shop, membership, and sponsor shop that are very cheap

we have a active community that is kind and generous

we have many bots for you to play with more bots coming soon of course

that’s all for our key features in Rayquaza’s Kingdom, join us in our quest to be the very best!!
boiledpotato Bumped 56 days ago

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Thing Thing
It’s fun but can get some improvements
It’s a fun server the community there is very nice and friendly and they try their best to balance everything out although it could use some improvements
252 days ago
gωεεηү gωεεηү
We aren’t the best but we try
So I’m actually the owner here the community is very fun ngl the rules are simple and easy to follow we also allow partners we have gyms and e4 well E5 here lol welp i hope you have a great time if you do join
258 days ago