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The Floating Islands

The Floating Islands

══⎈═ The Floating Islands ═⎈══

When the Sea swallowed the Earth, the people found a way to escape the demise of humankind. They created airships of wood, airships of land, airships of anything. Due to recent conflicts, humankind is staring death in the face.
With the introduction of a great war as a bonus to the hell they are currently living in, everyone is scared for their lives.

A perfect test of time to show which ones will thrive, and which ones will suffer. Which one will you be, in this steampunk-fantasy, action packed roleplay? Only time will tell.

══⎈═ WE PROVIDE... ═⎈══
⎈║10+ Bots!
⎈║A world that can be directly changed from YOUR actions!
⎈║An amazing staff of Administers, that are currently accepting applications!
⎈║Weekly Roleplay Events to ease newcomers into the roleplay flow!
⎈║Reaction Roles!
⎈║Steampunk, anime, and military vibes!
⎈║Events that can be inspired by YOU!

══⎈═ What are you waiting for? ═⎈══
Join The Floating Islands now, and try it out!
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