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My Hero Academia|ROLEPLAY!
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My Hero Academia|ROLEPLAY!


Join the ranks of U.A. and the world of My Hero Academia, who knows? Maybe you'll make new friends along the way! Are you going to be a hero that rises to the top? Or are you going to be a dangerous villain, risen from Stain's ideology, but derived from the true hatred and shackles society has on humanity, the choice is yours!
✿ What we offer! ✿
➣ Interactive, friendly, and helpful staff willing to work with you and any questions you may have. We are also very keen on encouraging creativity with quirks, and have many channels for character and quirk discussions.
➣ Immersive roleplay experience where paragraph and descriptive replies are the standard.
➣ Clear instructions on how to get started, and help provide in the READ FIRST section!
➣ Many ooc channels and friendly community willing to welcome you in to the group, come chat with us!
➣ Fun bots to enjoy!
➣OC Friendly! We are semi strict with quirks, so if you have questions, please don't be afraid to ask. We also have an easy to read/understand template!
✿ What are we looking for? ✿
➣ People who are willing to be active and grow with us!
➣ Competent/Active roleplayers, we do not accept one-liners. Literacy is to be expected.
➣We expect you to read the rules and the RP guidelines thoroughly!
Can't wait for you all to join us! I'd love to meet you all and make new friends.

-Kat <3
katsukiii 桜ホ履 Bumped 11 hours ago

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Commortalis Commortalis
This server is filled with amazing people, who are very good at roleplay and fun to talk to in general.
You need to be okay with critique, because the mods won't allow an overpowered quirk, which is logical.

In all honesty this is the best rp server I've joined and I'm not planning on leaving.
241 days ago