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Land of Abeuan

Land of Abeuan

Long ago, nearly 20 decades ago, two species ruled the human world; Demons and Angels. The two species disguise themselves as humans, sometimes even taking the form of animals, to observe the life that walked across their territory. As humans died, judged by the ruler of the two species, they were either transformed into demons or angels and were forced into a trial. They were to battle their inner sinners or inner saints in a demon's case. They had one night to cleanse themselves of any holy or unholy thoughts, devoting their mind and soul to the ruler they were now controlled by. After the trial the new demon or angel would be assigned a job. If the former-human had done an impressive deed they would be assured a role in the Castle they were assigned to depending on their species. As their species changed their appearances did too. Former humans commonly took the form of what they imagine a demon or angel to be or what they currently imagined a demon is. Because of this, there have been cases of Beasts or large, terrifying former-humans that had transformed into animal-like creatures that roam the territories of their land
Currently, the demons and angels have continued to rule over their respective territories, though have began to create a new species: Halfbloods. These said creatures are a mixture between the two species, a demon and an angel. Creating a Halfblood is strictly forbidden from both territories, and the Halfblood and the mother is forced to leave their territory though there have been cases of Halfbloods roaming the territories
The Demons and Angels have been consistently waging war on the other, trespassing territory and fighting over large open lands. The war has gone on for 10 years, the Royal Castles being the main targets of the war; if one species captures the other's castle, then they've won. Claiming or taking over a castle reins dominance to the winner and is rewarded with the ruler of Earth, the planet of nightmares and dreams
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