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The Happy Hotel
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The Happy Hotel

Welcome to The Happy Hotel, the first of it’s kind! A hotel dedicated to rehabilitating demons and finding a way to peacefully stop the over population here in Hell.


The Happy Hotel is a role play and community server for Hazbin Hotel with countless things to offer.

We have various channels for chatting, venting, posting memes and art etc. We also allow OC’s and we have available spots for canon characters! We have plenty of other things to offer, so come and check us out! We can’t wait to see you there!


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Ratings & Reviews

7 reviews
Kaycee Kaycee
Enjoyable experience
The community is friendly, the character sheet is organized, and there's plenty to do. Very enjoyable!
Radio Deermon Radio Deermon
dont listen to trolls
a very good server indeed! friendly admins, and fun people to hang out with! Ocs are welcome and adored and, even though I don't rp, we have multiple rooms and channels
I really love this server, with fair and valid people
This server is awful.
Upon joining there was an insane amount of spamming in general chat and the admins did nothing about it. When I used tupperbox to make a non-innapropriate and normal joke in general though, they muted me. When I dmed them they blocked me. I wouldn't recommend joining.
daffodeary daffodeary
Admin response
The chat wasn’t even that active when you joined, you kept using jojo tuppers that weren’t for this server in general, and then when I told you to stop you wouldn’t stop mocking me and being disrespectful. I blocked you because you dmed me saying “hey you wanna hear a joke” and tbh, I didn’t want to deal with you being an asshat again. You just came to this server to troll and you made that very clear.
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Astrobly Astrobly
Amazing Server
I love this roleplay server. It's an amazing server that I am so glad to have found. I'm going to keep RPing on this server for a while and have gotten so many good relationships with others here.