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numbs kebab shop


A friendly and fun server, chock full of cool bots and exciting channels, capable of keeping the grumpiest of grumpy guts contented!

We are a growing community and welcome everyone with open arms. If you enjoy a laid back atmosphere, with chill VCs, and engaging activities, then please stop by!

-Our Features-
• Safe Place to Vent
• Tonnes of Fun Emotes
• A Friendly Community
• Cool Bots to Play Around With
• Channels for Memes, Art, Photos, Music, and Much More!

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Ratings & Reviews

2 reviews
s i f a t s i f a t
its great
honestly the best server ive joined in a good while, great people and responsive staff. you wont regret joining
16 days ago
yook yook
great server
this is hands down one of the most inviting discord servers i have ever been in, i encourage you to check it out!!
101 days ago