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🦊Propeller Tails' Workshop🔧
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🦊Propeller Tails' Workshop🔧

Have you ever wanted a server where you can chill with other gamers and play games like super smash bros? Well we got one right here.

Welcome to the Propeller Tails Discord AKA The Workshop we have tons of fun in this lovely server so here are the details below.

1. Hilarious and wholesome memes

2. An amazing community

3. Smash Bros 

4. Uploads of smash ultimate montages and other video games.

5. Leveling up with rewards.

6. Tons of awesome emotes


7. And More!

8. This server is made for english people if you don't speak english you will be kicked.

We hope to see you there.
PoyoMain Bumped 2 hours ago

Ratings & Reviews

6 reviews
Kirbo Tower Kirbo Tower
fun place for gamers
Not sure what to say here fully but this server is pretty epic and gamer, this place has smash bros, nintendo sega and other content including youtube videos made by the owner, so come on down and join the fun.
22 days ago
ThatOneMario ThatOneMario
Amazing place that has been through more than you think
I've been here since day 1 and its amazing with all of the people in it amazing moderators and A really nice owner to boot, so if you would like to hang out and talk about your favorite video games join today!
22 days ago
PoyoMain PoyoMain
Tails workshop
Very fun place to chill. Active members, spicy memes, and even some games to keep ya entertained. Note: Is very Kirby friendly

Would review again 10/10
22 days ago
Pretty awesome server
I've been here since almost day 1 and its stands as one of the best servers ever pretty awesome chat and people to hang out with, definitely a great server.
22 days ago