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The Dawn of Shinobi
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The Dawn of Shinobi

{Welcome to Naruto, Dawn of Shinobi. This is an immensely detailed Naruto Roleplay Server, with a multitude of great systems.}
In a reality parallel to that of the Naruto series, peace seemed everlasting. Three of the five main villages attained peace with one another after being at war for the last two centuries. These three villages being Konohagakure, Kirigakure, and Sunagakure. The remaining villages, Kumogakure and Iwagakure, never signed the peace treaty. Though, as they were now against 4 other villages, they decided to call a cease fire. Due to this, war has long since ended. Though, Kumogakure and Iwagakure never sought peace, their motives unknown. However, they formed an alliance after the fall of this cease fire. Ever since, their actions have been completely unknown to the other villages. The leaders during the time of war were known as the Sājento (Sergeants). As peace came to be, the Generals were usurped by the first Kage, whom were known to be the most powerful and Legendary shinobi of each of their respective villages. It’s been 20 years since then, and the peace remained. Though, this peace wavered once the incident known as the “Cataclysmic Event”. This event began with an immense and sudden explosion, occurring within Iwagakure. This leveled the entire village, leaving a large crater in its stead. Ever since then, bright pink gas has erupted from the site, instantaneously obliterating all life that came across it. Since then, Kumogakure closed its borders, and forbid any of its citizens to enter any other village. Mutilated survivors of the event mention a man walking out of the crater in whispers, yet hadn’t brought It up since. Most of the time they can’t even think rationally, due to the brain damage. Their skin was burned off, and they all became blind due to the exposure of the smoke upon their eyes. In fact, only a hand-full survived, all of which wandered in the wilderness since then. Most of which had never been able to be found since then. A decade since then, the new batch of genin have erupted from the academy. The three peaceful villages still are deeply looking into the origins of the event, which has been sheathed one mystery all this time. The pink smoke radiating from the crater has gotten more abundant, unrest is spreading, and rumors of a strange man that of walks on mountains has taken form. This obscene mystery will soon fall upon the shoulders of the next generation, the last generation that can possibly end it. These new genin are that generation.
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