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Ward 24 (18+)

Ward 24 (18+)

All bans lifted! - If you got banned or didn't make it through entry, now is the time to rejoin.
Ward 24. A repurposed psychiatric facility to contain and cater to the most sexual degenerate of people. Think of it as a clinical sex dungeon, filled with public files of all the patients and staff involved with this little project. So come, get your screening, we're sure you'll fit right in~
Featuring the following
• A steadily growing community.
• Wide assortment of roles
• Channels dedicated to those with darker tastes in terms of roleplay.
• Active user base! Folks are receptive to conversation and there's always staff online.
• Not an SCP server.
Gwyn Ono Bumped 350 days ago

Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews
something something person😐 something something person😐
Detailed, effective, and a hell of a time!
A well-cared-for and thought-out server with a great team of mods to boot. The rules can be a little restricting to some, but there are many ways once in the server to work around it and satisfy everyone's needs. Diversity is welcomed and encouraged in the server and kinks of all kinds are encouraged to find a partner!
370 days ago
Unhostile Unhostile
Serious, Detailed, and Effective.
A well structured server with various detailed roleplayers. The kinks are numerous, and there are no limits. I definitely recommend joining this server as it has greatly pleased me.
387 days ago
Cpt. Krakorov Cpt. Krakorov
Simple, attention grabbing and effective!
While the rules may seem a little harsh, it actually wants you to think a little outside the box and it's not hard to follow them! While stuff can get a little weird, if you're into some of the things or well... Most of the stuff here, then good on you! Plus there's plenty of pictures here. Plenty of material.
387 days ago