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Ragnify [Guilds of Magia]
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Ragnify [Guilds of Magia]

Please note when you join the server to please read the rules and the lore as it will help you with your character creation! Also you need to react to the green checkmark to get the "I read the rules" role to be able to rp!

Ragnify[Guilds of Magia] is a two month old server looking for anyone who is excited to join a somewhat new server and help in building it into a wonderful community roleplay server! Here is a summarized version of the lore and if you wish to know more you can join the server and read more about it :3!

Basically Magic is a type of cancer left behind by the old gods and their avatars. Magic was left behind in relics and tainted in some of the ancient dungeons or mysterious points of interest. Man was never meant to hold such magic and as such their bodies would deteriorate slowly thus making their lives shorter than normal people. People were fearful of the horrible effects of the Magic and so they tried to stay away from the people affected by them thinking it was like a disease and could be spread. So the people cursed by Magics were called Magia. Luckily a guild was formed for these people and so they had a safe heaven and a place to work.

[Want to know more? Join the server and check out the ever growing lore :3!]
**Interesting features the server has to offer!**
✨Earning Rep!
✨Custom Server Emotes made by a lovely artist~!
✨Open to lore building and adding new stuff!
✨We welcome Partnerships <3!
✨Fun and friendly people who like to VC~
✨Level 2 nitro server boost :D!
✨Custom Discord Server Icon drawn by a talented artist~
✨And much much more~!
A little information about the server: (Just in case the invite says invalid.)

-Nov, 2, 2019 the server opened up! We are about 2 months old and still doing constant updates and Improvements on the server! So far we have a lovely little community and wonderful staff who do their best to help out in their area of expertise. Sometimes the server will have its moment's of slowness but what server doesn't? All I ask for people who join is to give us a shot and get to know us ^^! Currently we are improving some of our server features to be easier to understand and make it easily and much more fun for people to jump into and like~!
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Ratings & Reviews

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BoneDaddy BoneDaddy
Active and fun!
This servers has a lot going for it. There are plenty of events, quests, active members, and the freedom to make a character you can love. There are people from all over and so there's someone active almost all the time. There's room for you to grow too, from semi-lit which is the minimum for the server to people who are nearly reaching post-cap.
Viege Viege
I adore the friends I have made in this server. The mods are a good group of people. Making gold while I rp really motivates me to explore and write more with other partners, but the server itself is still in a developing stage. Many more things are in the works and some things aren't fully fleshed out, but I love how open they are to other members and even allow them to add to the world they created.
Nick9111 Nick9111
One of the best:)
This is probably one of the best servers I have been on in a long time. It is hard to find a good Rp server but this is definitely a good one. The Rp is fairly consistent and is of the highest quality however the owner can be a little hard to deal with sometimes but she is still a really cool person. In conclusion if you want good and consistent Rp than this server is for you. :)
~Dreamers~Delight~ ~Dreamers~Delight~
[Insert Self viewing here]
Hello! Yes I am the owner xD! I just want to say the server has come far in just a few days and the people who have joined so far have been really kind and helpful! I think this has a chance to become a fun place as well as a new home for rpers looking to grow together ^^! So I hope you will drop on by and give it a chance <3!