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Ever heard of Hurt and Heal? We are a server that brings Hurt and Heal to discord, and we've added extra elements to certain versions of the game to give you the best experience!

This server is home to our hurt-or-heal game that is currently in the works.What is Hurt or Heal? Well let me explain. Hurt or heal is a classic forum game that has existed on the internet since the earlier days of forum history.

So how do you play you might wonder?

Well to play the game is very simple. Each turn you will have the option to heal a character by 1 point, and hurt a character by 2 points.

Each character will typically start with 10 life-points, but this can change based on the settings. In order to play, you will simply copy the list of characters, and remove 2 health points from the character you want to hurt, while adding one additional health points to a character you want to keep alive.

Typically, there will be a post cool-down of 6 hours, but the cool-down can be quicker based on the rules of the game. If you don't understand then here's an example:

Mario: 10
Toad: 10

I'll commit my turn now.

Hurt Mario, heal Toad
Mario: 8
Toad: 11

The last character remaining alive wins.

As this RPG continues to improve, there will be more items, a better currency system, and probably much more to come! Please visit us and have fun!
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Zang Zang
Cool Server
Found this server while browsing Reddit and I have to say I was impressed. The Game is fun, there are different items and stats to make the whole thing fun. What impressed me the most is how the server owner is on almost all the time and respects his game and the people playing it! I hope that this server becomes bigger and bigger! Why not give 5 starts? Well, the only problem with the server in my opinion is that the rules are so easy to break and that people might raid it! Also there is very little to do on the server when you start out, like when I started I was a bit confused about what I can do! Until Koopa (the owner) helped me a bit by pointing me in the right way! This is the server's problem is that there is no MEE6 or other bot that sends you the rules and what each channel does. Why is this a problem? Well, Koopa is a human, (I hope) but if this server gets really popular I don't think he has enough time to help everyone! But besides that this server has to be one of the better ones on the internet! Still one of the best server to day I am in!
244 days ago
Dog Faced Pony Soldier Dog Faced Pony Soldier
We are a smaller server within a large server of active hurt or heal players called Koopa's Music Zone. The reason this server exists is because HoH is a big hit on the main server, and we are working on an RPG version for even more fun. Anyone is welcome to come and play with us. :)
256 days ago