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Leftist Internationalism and Liberation

Leftist Internationalism and Liberation

Leftist Internationalism And Liberation is a Discord server dedicated to left nationalism and anti-imperialism. Leftists of all ideologies are welcome to join! We do not accept fascists.
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Mr Joseph Mr Joseph
Just what the name of the server implies
If you want to learn about left wing nationalism (as in liberation of the oppressed peoples no fashy shit) and other left concepts like decolonization this is the right place.
237 days ago
Error Error
Their nationalism stuff is wack
Ok so, I joined the server. I decided to check out the channels. They had one channel called desi nationalism. I simply said "Modi" and then they were like "no." I asked why, and they said: "He is fascist, and if you support Hindu nationalism, then you don't belong here." I'm like what? As for as I know, India is apart of this "desi" group, and Hindu nationalism is apart of India. So I guess supporting my beliefs in Hindu nationalism makes me a fascist. IDK about you, but nationalism is nationalism, not fascism.
mub69 mub69
Admin response
The title of the server is LEFTIST INTERNATIONALISM and LIBERATION. This is a server for socialist internationalists. We don't support hindu nationalism because it is inherently fascist, and all fascism is nationalistic. We support the self determination of oppressed peoples. Hindu nationalism is harmful and is used to oppress, discriminate, and even murder religious minorities in india. This sort of nationalism has no place on the server.
244 days ago