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Looking for a Minecraft Survival server with absolutely no rules? Tired of constantly getting banned for griefing or controlling spawn? Well then join 2 Builders 2 Consoles ya newbie, we don't got time for your complaining! Come make a base....if you can that is...or destroy one, it's part of the culture here!
Just a fair warning will probably die, a lot. We support all platforms so no matter what you play on, you're welcome in 2B!
Dicer_14 Bumped 8 days ago

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R3tr0ZaneYT R3tr0ZaneYT
Good Discord server, and Minecraft realm.
This is the best bedrock anarchy realm, and the server is good too.
If you are going to join this server, you are making the right choice.
129 days ago
Jorkles Jorkles
Seems nice.
Even for the short bit I've actually played on the server itself, it seemed to be one of the better anarchy servers I've been in. I'll definitely play more if I ever end up picking up Bedrock Edition on my PC.
131 days ago
Dicer_14 Dicer_14
All platforms?
I've honestly never seen a server that supports every device, this is honestly the best thing to happen to minecraft anarchy!
202 days ago
The Yasdonaught The Yasdonaught
Best server and realm yet
Been on about a month and have had lots of fun with others. I really suggest giving ut a try.
204 days ago