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Debate Spotlight

Debate Spotlight

A brand new server focused around debate, with daily topics. Will have a fully electable moderator staff (eventually)! Currently a WIP so feel free to join and help out!
I am the senate daily yt Bumped 174 days ago

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I am the senate daily yt I am the senate daily yt
Great server
Amazing environment to debate. Lots of staff. Would definitely recommend if you like debate topics.
194 days ago
ilikecake10 ilikecake10
Great small server and staff
Lots of topics to debate about. Great small debate environment. Hope we get some more members soon to have bigger debates.
222 days ago
danielpbarron danielpbarron
Placeholder review in case I get banned.
Not much to say yet as I haven't been in very long. Will get back to this review when more has been observed.
243 days ago