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Kingsport Superhero RP

Kingsport Superhero RP

Kingsport is a bustling city on the coast of Maryland. It's economically supported by the beaches that pull tourists in for the summer, and 'Phoenix Drugs and Medical Supplies', a multi-billion dollar business based there. As of three years ago, it has been one of a few major cities to have attracted a new demographic: conspiracy theorists, skeptics and lunatics. The number of 'anomalies' has skyrocketed ever since Phoenix leaked the 'Peacekeeper Report', an enigmatic document detailing the potential dangers to humanity and how the company eliminates such threats. It followed the CEO of the company falling into a coma that he has yet to wake from. Many believe there is a correlation between the company's leadership and the mysterious events occurring now. Footage of hobos with heat vision, people falling out of the sky and rats that speak Italian. Many in this new wave of people with fantastical abilities are coming to Kingsport in hopes of uncovering the secrets lying beneath the city's surface. They often adopt aliases and costumes to protect their identity, becoming what the public can only identify as one thing: Superheroes.

Stuff We Have:
-Lots of creative freedom: Barring world changing destruction, pretty much anything goes.

-An original, more gritty setting: Sick of BNHA clones or chats trying so desperately to be the MCU? Yeah, me too.

-Free range lore: Your character can be an elf, an alien, a time traveler, or whatever! There's no forcing your character into cookie cutter roles, and there's no six-page creation myth you need to slog through before making a character.

-Ahegao emotes for some reason.

If this sounds up your alley, please come give our community a try!
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