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💥 transmasc town 💥

💥 transmasc town 💥

welcome to transman town! a safe, discourse free server for ftm men :)

we are a fairly active community, and make you a personal promise to be your new best friends uwu

transmeds, tucutes, and neutralists alike are welcome! but any mention of the dysphoria debate will get you striked. debates are allowed, but lets leave that out of it. we should fight transphobes, not eachother.

enjoy your stay in transman town!

-owner kokichi boom
bumbershoot Bumped 143 days ago

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leo leo
i enjoy this server thoroughly
yeah, kokichi is a very nice boyo and everyone here actually fits the description of 'very nice boyo' and i have a very enjoyable time here, i recommend 10/10
275 days ago