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Happiness, what everyone seeks but no one can find.
Some claim it's just a delusional and impossible dream, but i doubt that they are so right.
Does it feel painful for you, being lonely, having traumas you can't get rid of. Feeling miserable, insecure, and having zero self worth because you never achieved anything. Yet, everytime a hope appears it ends up being just another reason to fall further into the pit. Confirming that you have no hope of becoming happy. Ever.
Then you try to express that pain and suffering, it bothers you, but there's no one to listen or understand, or relate to you. Give you what you actually seek the most, affection and respect.
So you end up drowned in self pity and self hate, and when those are too much, apathy and bitterness take their place.
That circle is killing you, but there's no one to recognize it's existence or help you with it. There are too many factors, too much to even express.
Express it here, i will love you for it, your real self isn't as worthless as you think, it's pure, fragile, sometimes plainly stupid.
But it's innocence makes it valuable and attractive, so allow us a chance to show the proper respect to it. And if possible, love it and connect with it.

Even if it's just "discord", it's not as impossible as you think it is.
You might be surprised, give it a chance.
That's all i ask from you. Enjoy :D
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Ratings & Reviews

9 reviews
Neugel Neugel
Lively server
There is always something going on. The people are positive and helpful. Intelligent conversations for days and no toxicity at all.
-.- -.-
Home Sweet Home!
Its the place to be. Full of every resourceful and fun people! Amazing channels and a lot of giveaways, nitro and I love the atmosphere. Vc is always lit, very active and server therapists are very lively and ready to support almost 24/7. Every friendly staff and overall a great time!! <3
danielpbarron danielpbarron
Placeholder review in case I get banned.
Not much to say yet as I haven't been in very long. Will get back to this review when more has been observed.
ghost. ghost.
Excellent Server
This server is perfect if you want to have great conversations that end up with you learning something after. Everyone is very kind and mature. I highly recommend this server and I do not regret joining.