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sad b1tch

sad b1tch

Chatting and socializing Discord server for everyone.
Feel free to join, talk, chat and have fun with our fellow members.
Currently the server is quite small, but we have some nice people and are looking forward for it to grow and expand!
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Jonah Jonah
Good when i first joined.
Hey people of disboard i recently joined this server "Sad b1tch" i was having a great time talking to the members and such. then the owner came in and said i was "spamming" when i was not. then i told him i treat people with the same respect. and i got muted for 2 hours. i would stay away from this server the owner is not good at owner and does not know how to own a server.

Update:it had been a couple of days. i have been dmed to remove this and i will not remove this post. and i got banned for not removing this. <-- proof
Vince Vince
Admin response
If you are not aware that spam-sending dots is literally- spam, then I'd recommend you to stay away from my server, not everyone else.
259 days ago