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Wisdom's Edge

Wisdom's Edge

WISDOM'S EDGE is a community server that aims to be open to writers, artists, and musicians, and we sincerely hope that you enjoy your time here. We are an LGBTQ+ and Plural Friendly community.

We aren't completely serious, as we're a mostly relaxed group of people. Take your time and relax. The server isn't 24/7 active in case you need to know. When you're at your wisdom's edge, it's better to take a step back and think through everything again with help.

●Pick your roles and dive into introductions!
●Find people with similar interests as yourself!
●Participate in events!
●Relax and chill with people ~
●Find new ideas.
●Play games with bots!
●Get feedback for your work!

We have chatrooms that cater to Writers, Artists, Musicians, and more!
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Ratings & Reviews

2 reviews
ClownsAteMyMommy ClownsAteMyMommy
Another dead group. So many dead servers ugh. Then you have to write forever to warn people its dead. Seriously discord.
259 days ago
quinn quinn
Wonderful Passionate Work
I've known the owner since before he made this server. He has a lot of passion and determination to grow his skills, as well as grow alongside others. Watching him make this server makes me proud because he's come far in creating a welcoming community that is open to many people. He has channels for different areas to chat and share work. There are also fun bots in this server. He is organised with the server and is always active. I recommend joining this server for a fun and welcoming community that will help grow your skills, or help you learn new ones
274 days ago