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🎄The Study Corner

📚| A chill place for students to come and socialise with others.
🎓| We provide academic help with our study channels & tutors.
🌸| Kind and dedicated staff team.

✨| Rapidly growing server: We've just hit 500 members just a month after opening!
🍨| Female "gamer girl" owner. 。◕‿‿◕。
⛔️| Strong raid protection.

Come joins hundreds of other students at THE STUDY CORNER today!
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🎄AhegaoAce86🎄 🎄AhegaoAce86🎄
Functions and feels like a real school
Have you been looking for a server that acts like a real school, discipline and academically? Well look no further! The Study Corner checks all those boxes. As a former staff member, I can confirm the server is run well and efficiently. The tutors are kind and respond relatively quickly. A custom currency with the option to buy color packs from the shop is available if you wish. There are a few shortcomings. If you join just to joke around and hang with the homies, you’re out of luck. The staff are quick to spot any rule breakers and are strict with punishments and bans, just like a real school. But if you can overlook this, this is a great server I’d recommend joining!
Lush Lush
Admin response
Thanks for the informative review Ace! We appreciate it.
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ankle ankle
My REAL Experience
Firstly, I’d like to mention that all these people joining to hate on this server and leave in seconds are in the wrong. Lush has been nothing but truthful to the staff and all members of TSC, and continues to do so. I’ve never felt so comfortable in a server and welcomed as a tutor in my whole Discord experience. The server is amazing!

It is well organized and has attentive staff. If anything, it is reasonable to ban anyone who comes to raid this server with negative reviews. This community is used as a resource for people who are looking for assistance. If anything, it is stupid to attack it.

In conclusion, I’d like to say that I have been treated very well by the staff and I love every second being here. I love their lenience with my busy college schedule and IRL events. I would like to personally thank Lush, the server owner, for being true to her word. Thank you so much, TSC!
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Admin response
It means the world to me that you appreciate and like the server so much. Im so glad I could provide such a great experience for my amazing community. I will continue to strive to do so for TSC.

Thank you for the amazing review and of course your dedication to TSC. <3
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CerberusElite CerberusElite
So I have been tutor there for a while, and I find the server to be great and I enjoy the community and their top security to keep us safe at all times. Their application readers respond fast and professional to make sure the Application is read through well. They have great supporters to help you through harsh times and lots of clubs and study rooms to help yourself with!

However, since many People have bypassed our security system and raided us, most likely from another discord the copied us, “School Students Discord.” They have raided us, threatened us and literally got some raiders blacklisted on our server. We all advise you newcomers to stay away from SSD as they have broken lots of Discord ToS and involving in the server could get you banned.

Lush Lush
Admin response
Thank you for the kind review!
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Toxik Toxik
Everyone here is wonderful and helpful. The staff are great and everyone is eager to help out. They have tons of channels for everything you can imagine, study help, discussions, hanging out, and even fun games to play with fellow members. I highly recommend joining for yourself and coming to hang out! See you there!
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Admin response
Thanks for the review! We really appreciate the support.<3