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Linux Mint Community🍵

An unofficial Mint server.
We welcome everyone here.
Including people who are still planning to use Linux and are not actually using it yet.
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dps dps
Just like the previous reviewer said, this has to be one of the most active Linux communities on Discord. The people there are extremely welcoming, and don't take too kindly to people being trolls.
As the name of it says, it is a Linux Mint focused server but it also has people in it that will help with all kinds of Linux distros.
Some of the things that separate this server from the rest:
- Amazing staff and members
- The main bot (I think the only one too) was hand crafted by the owner of the server, which should show the dedication to it that they have.
- The bot I mentioned above has some very helpful features like translate, package searching (i think it even does man pages too).
- It is extremely colourful and well maintained.
- The people there are extremely active, and knowledgeable.

These are just a few of the things that you can count on experiencing when you join this server. Don't let the other more "elitist" servers ruin it for you, and join the Linux Mint Community now!
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KaiLyons KaiLyons
Acitive and Loving
The title says all it needs to, it is one of the most active servers of its size with at least one person to chat to at all times. Also, all of them are helpful and great people.
UtopicUnicorn UtopicUnicorn
Admin response
Thank you for the feedback, my apologies that I did not respond sooner, I did not know disboard had a review feature.