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The World's Rebirth - Kingdom of Gods
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The World's Rebirth - Kingdom of Gods


It's been 5,000 years since the great purge of the Earth. Erasing the corrupted dystopian hell that once plagued our planet, a deity was said to have purged the entire land in an effort to renew society into more civilised world. He immediately regretted this decision as he had destroyed his brother's life's work out of anger, impulse and grief, but now this new society must recover from what was lost before..and it does so with a struggle.

What do we offer here, at Kingdom of Gods?

◇ Unlimited Characters. There is no limit to how many characters you get to play!

◇ Fun Economic system. The shop provides extra perks for those who are active and work hard to earn currency through chatter and roleplay.

◇ 4 Continents with 14 regions within them! They all have their own lore too.

◇ Diverse race list. We provide a list of custom made AND familiar races for you to play as! They all have their own little snippets of lore too.

◇ Fun channels and community interaction. We offer QOTD, Character Prompts, game bots, joke roleplay, and several chat lobbies for different kinds of media and conversation.

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~gremlynne~ ~gremlynne~
A nice first server!
I've only been on discord for maybe.. almost two weeks? But I kind of like it here! The owner was nice enough to show me the ropes of roleplaying. And the rest of the community was generally nice and patient enough with me. The characters are interesting and the roleplays I've done are interesting too. I'll probably stick to this server as a side-hobby.