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The RP Verse

Come hang out in The RP Verse! We are a growing roleplay server but we have many other things aswell such as a music lounge with a bot that can find and play music. We also have other stuff like Memes and more. There is also an Erp dedicated chat for people that like that stuff. This server is also friendly to anybody. We have a dedicated fan-art category for anybody who just wants to draw. We are also open to server suggestions as we have a channel for it ,we think people should get what they want from this server. There is even a talking-shit channel dedicated for toxic people because not everybody is nice. Anyway, that is only a tiny bit of things we have in The RP Verse so Join Today!
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DisabledKFC123 DisabledKFC123
i love this server as it is so friendly and chill. It has so many channels that will never keep me bored it is so great i recommend joining highly. I also love the rythm bot that plays any music I or the other people want to play. It has almost any song on the internet