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Pfft, You haven't joined us yet?
You know this is the most immersive and dynamic JoJo RP server right? Not convinced yet? Ok how about this, you can join the server for FREE! Now that's a great price!
(The only characters we don't allow are canon ones)
We got:

+Standoff battles, non-canon short fights where anything goes.

+Create your own RP character and their stand!

+Super friendly staff as well are the community!

+RP so immersive it makes Raid Shadow Legends jealous! and tons of lore!

When you join you will have a choice of 3 clans to join.
Each clan has its own perks and their set of ideologies. Clans play a major role in the main RP.
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Ratings & Reviews

9 reviews
JimJamJar JimJamJar
Very good server
This server is amazing. I don’t have anything negative to say about it. Everyone on there is pretty cool and it’s just all round fun to be there! You should join. 10/10 would recommend
20 days ago
Fanche1000 Fanche1000
Tons of Good Friends!
(A positive message about how the server is innovative, interesting, fun and full of genuinely good people)
(Heartfelt comment about all the friends i've made here, and how it has changed me for the better.)
(Small joke about Frogs.)
(Snarky/Sarcastic comment about how all the reviews from the mods are saying the mods are fantastic.)
(Another joke about how i CBA writing a full review.)

Scrungo has a small penis, KADE has no legs, Join the MHA server.
20 days ago
3 1
Jammomancer Lord Eme Jammomancer Lord Eme
I have 0 clue way one would read disboard reviews but bud, you found a gem-
I was the 69th member of this community and I've stuck with it for a few months and honestly it has grown on me, my first discord was short lived pixel art youtuber server, my second was a dying community attached to a server only carrying the name and afk presence of the man who made it and who it's based on. It sent me going by a web of leaving members making new servers and making a long and ever expanding tree of connected dying communities each teaching me a bit about my awareness lacking nature and general lack of social experience in a sense the thing as dead as it was beat sense into me, I just entered the fresh man year of my new school and found a little Jojo related community fan stands this places now godless sister server, ngl, it was a decent place then, and I am sure it was the man himself Thomas or the man that can not be reached in terms of activity ranking jrd, or even daddy himself Bradon who suggested the partner ship of the two servers but despite the answer it was what opened the door and oh boy was that a hard to not make gizzard reference (which I'd like to thank the other person to review the server Psycodactlye for introducing me to that band god bless them). Never tried rping, I always loved rp as a concept that's the reason i watched like days worth of dnd lore content despite never touching the game beyond one 5 minute instantly ruined... attempt, I found this to be a great introduction for reasons that are about to come and for the community which as you might noticed by that long ass description about my discord history, are likely the most united feeling community I've been in, except dice, fuck that guy (for legal reasons thats a joke). The server system is arguably overly simple but it doesn't need to be complicated, the rp's are separated in 3: Clans which are a faction based long term rp separated into mildly connected seasons those can be fun, but people take them rather seriously and take actual dedication which this is a JoJo server (oddly easy to forget) , I don't need to explain a thing the community is known for. The next are one shoot battles, you just ask people they may accept and you have a set up RP battle, these can end in a empire state building being dropped or painful, boring, and disappointing drop of the battle itself because I can't make an interesting character interaction or battle am sorry, I avoid these for a reason, but if you want something to do in the background, or have a one off rp these can be fun but as someone who avoids them I do not have much to say. and finally stand story which are an in-between of the two, they are like one of sessions, not a full campaign but not a simple one off, am doing them last because they are currently closed, and honestly they are really really awkward and clunky executed I don't do them, there is a reason they are being reworked and honestly I'd rather not say anything too bold of a topic I don't know too much about. Yeah if this sounds like a place for you feel free to join Moses will probably slap you with over exaggerated wholesomeness which will either make you really paranoid of him or will make you join the rising cult attached to him.
57 days ago
5 1
Riux Riux
The community couldn't be better
So wholesome - the people are active, friendly and welcoming to newcomers. Genuinely the nicest server I've been on, ever. Really unique, with a nice RP system too.
108 days ago