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A new leftist run community and political server. We are focused on healthy involvement in and discussion about politics, philosophy, history, economics, science, and other social issues. As well as keeping a higher standard of moderation, membership, and content.

The server also features a detailed list of self-assignable roles and learning resources.
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Kaiea Kaiea
Very toxic
I typed less than a sentence, got called an idiot, then I was told I'd receive a ban within a month for being an idiot. Very toxic server.
Murmeldjuret Murmeldjuret
There are rules here
I don't know what it is with the left and its fascination with "ideology", "rules", "camraderie", and other nonsense. I just want to mine bitcoin ffs. As a free individual I like this server of my own free will, and nothing so dumb as peer-pressure and decency will get me to like it more than I already do.
Jessus Jessus
Lots of Purchases Being Advertised
For a non-cappy server, lots of "Buy a [insert thing]." That aside, it's a pretty great community. Mods/Admin respond to complaints/suggestions nicely and the members treat each other with actual respect. While there is a negative review for it being an "echo chamber," I'm honestly not sure what that user expected when they joined a server called "Lefthole" and had to answer vetting questions to ensure they weren't a conservative nitwit. However, in saying that, the people in this server do have disagreements. Fortunately, though, those disagreements never arise because one person would see another person treated poorly due to their sex, gender, race, etc. I can't say the same for nearly any other server I've been in. Basically, if you vehemently oppose the right and think the left is just as nearly fucked, this is a pretty cozy place.
Nicky Nicky
it can never be the wrong hole
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