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It’s Earth-49! A universe where the heroes you know have different people underneath the masks! A DC oc rp!
Pretty small server (so far), but we’re active daily!
Abusive_Stepdad Bumped 37 days ago

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TheMedievalGuy TheMedievalGuy
Great server, Funny and caring staff, Just loved it since I joined
As the title say as soon as I joined I was greeted by many people helping me through the server to understand the basics, since then I have learned how caring the staff is and how great they are, not a single staff member has one of those "power gone into his head" moments. The rp there is also great as everyone is a great writer and teamplayer, if you join I hope you have a great stay just like me.
241 days ago
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captain kirk captain kirk
idk what to write here i just wanted to try the review u should join dcpacito its epic
243 days ago