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Gay Libertarian and Conservatives 18+
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Gay Libertarian and Conservatives 18+

Just a laid back server for gay conservatives, libertarians, and Republicans.
We're 18+, not a sex or fetish community.
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Emblyn Emblyn
Le big gay
This server is gay af. Which should be obvious from the name really. It's also a pretty good libertarian server and there are nice people on it. For a smaller size server it is fairly active.
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White Male White Male
Great server and people, interesting discussions, active members, good moderators. 10/10 Would Recommend :D
Ashley Becker Ashley Becker
These guys are fantastic!
These guys are so caring, funny, and great to be around. I’m so grateful I have them as friends and I do love these guys. I encourage that you should join the server despite the weird nsfw sounding name
Oracle 🔱 Oracle 🔱
Growing, but active server
Not huge yet, but we're growing, and we have plenty of activity. We are selective about who we allow in, and that has helped maintain a good community.