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Echoed Sounds

Echoed Sounds is an up and coming music server. We're not focused on one genre of music, but instead all.

What we offer?

● Spotify, SoundCloud, BandCamp, YouTube advertising. And a song spotlight section. Good for musicians looking to promote their music or anyone wanting to find new sounds.
● High end music emotes featuring musicians from all eras like: Elvis, Madonna, 5SOS, Green day, Kurt Cobain and many, many more...
● Server partnerships.
● Friendly staff members, always happy to talk music or just hang out.
● Music genres and instrument roles. Pick what instruments and music genres you want as roles.
● 5 music bots including: Groovy, Rythm, Hydra, Spotify and 24/7 radio.
● Leveling up system. Earn roles and rewards for being active.
● Nitro boosted.
● More to come!

If any of this interests you than don't hesitate. Stay frosty.
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Ratings & Reviews

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Cyber Guy Cyber Guy
Hell yeah
This is my friend's server and he has worked very hard on it. It's always fun hoping on here and listening to music with him and also getting to share our favorite songs and playlists with each other.

Honestly, I would recommend joining mostly because it's non-toxic and mostly focused on the sole topic of music.