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IMT (or Iron Man's Tiddies) is a laid back, 18+ rp server with plenty of shenanigans to go around. It's based AFTER Endgame however, Tony is still alive etc. But the worldly events of Endgame has happened. This RP offers para threads, small short threads, DMs, social media, groupchats, events, etc. We have a mix of comic and MCU events and characters!
-OCs aren't allowed at this time
-Groupchats, Social Media, etc.
-If you have any questions feel free to join and take a look around and ask them in the server! :)
-We also accept comic characters and such! This server isn't MCU-only based, it's a mix.
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Taelende Taelende
Nice server
A really nice server. Admins are kind and helpful, members are lovely too. One thing to note is that admins feel a little strict, as there is no warning system, only strikes, which can directly impact your ability to stay in the server. Once you get to know everyone it’s a really nice atmosphere, great members, funny rapport and the daily headcanons are a personal favourite. If you like to RP with nice people who can spell, check out IMT.
mostbeloved mostbeloved
lovely all around
The creative freedom this server offers is one of my favorite things about it. Everyone is chill and super supportive. The social media and group chats are a fun perk, as well as ooc channels that let everyone become a group of friends. Overall a fun and cool experience!
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TinyCowboy TinyCowboy
A Mixed Bag - Newbies Beware
tl;dr: I do not recommend this place for beginners or anyone who may feel a lack of self-confidence in their writing. If this is you, just... go elsewhere. You won't be welcomed here. However, if you *have* been RP-ing for a long time, are confident in your capabilities and pretty much don't stick up for yourself, this server is excellent.

Overall, this server is good. The leadership is probably what I have the biggest issue with, which I will get over with first. The disciplinary system desperately needs a rework. As a new RP-er, several concepts are unfamiliar to me (such as godmodding). I appreciate that nobody likes their character's decisions to be made for them, but equally, if someone has made a genuine mistake, they should not be punished for it. This is not an isolated incident either, I have read of several other members (who have since been banned) who have had similar experiences.

On the RP side itself, RP-ers are literate and (for the most part) creative writers. Spelling and punctuation are A+ and the characterisation is excellent. If you like to play your character slightly differently from the canon, that is accepted too. No OCs are accepted at the time of writing. No ERP is accepted at the time of writing.

Please bear in mind that I have tried to be as unbiased as possible, but I am only human. I would love to see you join the server, but have realistic expectations if you are a beginner. You'll probably find yourself in an unhappy environment very quickly. If you're an RP pro, however, welcome! You'll really enjoy this place.
redifreddi redifreddi
Admin response
Firstly, you’re entitled to your opinions so of course you’re welcome to write a review. However, to claim an attempt at being unbiased whilst strictly writing upon your own experiences and experiences of those who *broke the rules* and caused drama amongst the server is frankly ridiculous. That’s about the furthest thing from unbiased that there is.

If that’s how you feel then you can leave, it’s simple. Our leadership team thinks strictly of what’s best for the entirety of the group, and warning and giving you a single strike after you had been spoken too and it’s in the rules that you’ve agreed to, is hardly a misstep. The complaints we have had and actions we have seen warranted multiple strikes but because you are new we have attempted to give you leniency.

If you or your friends feel the need to join our server then that’s on your own fruition. However you will be held accountable to all rules, no matter your status or newness to this community. When multiple people express frustration with both your in character and out of character actions, perhaps it’s time to do a self evaluation and see how you interact with people from a different point of view, rather than writing a review and saying in the server that is so terrible.

We have tried very hard to work with you but it’s been clear you’d rather be a victim rather than change your behavior.

**EDIT:** I think it would also be helpful to mention that you posted this review, probably in hopes we wouldn’t notice, and didn’t leave the server as well. Again, you’re entitled to your review, and I even commend the balls you have to do that. But as it seems there’s something fishy going on, which was also somewhat clear when you added old server members into a group chat where we were discussing rules and behavior going forward, complicating the situation even more.

Would also like to mention that ERP is accepted, we just safeguard the room. People tend to just keep it out of the server as it is uncomfortable to some and doesn’t usually add to plot.

We also don’t appreciate drama being brought elsewhere as we have confined it to behind the scenes with you, rather than it being a bigger deal than it should have to be.
Serena Marie Serena Marie
Friendly and allows for creative freedom!
I have been part of this server for about 2 months now and I honestly love everyone in it. They have all become close to me, like family, and I'm always happy to be talking to them whether it's in the general chat or in a VC.
There has been very few drama happening with the members, making it a lot more enjoyable and comfortable, especially as I have dealt with a lot of discord drama and would prefer to avoid it sometimes, making this server the perfect place for me.
They also give you some creative freedom. Although this is a canon-characters-only server, they don't restrict you to be completely similar to the canon character you claim and give you some freedom to do what you please as long as it fits the lore and such.
I would definitely highly recommend this server to any of my friends.