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Trinity (18+)
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Trinity (18+)

Trinity (9-21-19 made) is a sfw 18+ server (primarily consisting of adults with a couple of late teens) aiming to bring together mature individuals in a uniquely warm, rich, welcoming, and relaxing environment~

What we're about is offering you a high quality chat. No edginess, no toxicity, no chaos and little to no spam. Our rules are also very light actually! We mainly just ask you to behave and not contribute in a negative way to the chat!

We don't require any personal information from you in order to join this server, but we trust that you're honest about your age. If you behave childishly and immaturely, we will moderate according to that. Otherwise, we hope you enjoy the server~

Features added or TBA:

We have all of your favorite community style channels, such as a general chat, meme channel, venting channel, political and other deep topic channel, music channel, gaming channel, selfies, etc.

We also have self assign roles for age, gender, role color, country, and more to spice up your profiles.

Join if you want to:

- Jump in to the chat easy! No cliques, no hierarchies, just friendly people.
- Meet others closer to your age. We have very few teens, mostly young adults.
- Enjoy a quality chat, less of the edgy behavior you see in teen chats.
- Take part in our dudes only or our ladies only channel. Fun stuff. :)
- Make new friends, play channel games, play with bots, win giveaways.
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Ratings & Reviews

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Josh- Josh-
Very cool server kind people good chat BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 1
PreZ PreZ
A heartwarming server
I've met many people in the short time the server has been officially open and everyone has been really welcoming and lovely towards me
2 1
RyanWuzHere13 RyanWuzHere13
It’s great
The server is amazing and very wholesome. There is nothing not to love. It is a very respectable server
2 1
Epiphany Epiphany
Active, close knit community
Everyone is so welcoming, and kind. The server is fun, with games and voice chat often. There's a variety of conversations so it's never boring, and there is usually a group active always.