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Hinata 🌸 日向
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Hinata 🌸 日向

Hello! Welcome to Hinata/日向!

We are a friendly social community which strives to give you the best experience whilst in the server! Chat with others around the globe, or perhaps go to the chill lounge and relax at the end of the day! There is always the social category. You can check for new songs or perhaps look at memes or look at cute pets! uwu. Oh, you like economy bots? Feel free to use our economy category then. Also, don't forget, keep the community peaceful! Don't disturb the peace! c:


Features and entertainment:

-A main channel, where people talk about various topics.

-A chill lounge, where you can talk 'n chill after a hard day and overall have fun.

-Media access, with people posting various pictures of different topics, or perhaps their surroundings or other stuff!

-A music channel, where you could search for some good music posted by other users.

-Different bots, from Dank Memer to Unbelievaboat.

-An economy category, where you could also buy roles with Unbelievaboat, or perhaps get random rewards from time to time.

-A great community overall, giving you a warm welcome when you join and making you feel welcome.

-Various events and gamenights!


We strive to give you the best experience, both our community and our staff team. If there is something wrong, please contact a staff member to let them know. Because we want to keep this community peaceful! c:

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