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The 6 Districts RP!
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The 6 Districts RP!

Hi! Welcome to The 6 Districts! Make sure you check both rp/character rules and user rules, and once you've read then go ahead and check the character template to help you make a character! We will do our best to accept or deny it as fast as we can, but please be patient and most importantly, have fun! We are looking forward to seeing you roleplay with us! Here are some features that we have for you to have fun with!

-Great new community for all ages (above 13)

-Fun and Useful Bots

-Literate RPing

-Nice and (decently) active staff

And much more! We hope you join and have all the fun we are having at The 6 Districts!
MaiMoiMeme Bumped 228 days ago

Ratings & Reviews

2 reviews
alex! alex!
Check it out
New server that deserves members. Owners are very nice and dedicated. Will stay around here for a bit for sure. Also is LGBTQ friendly.
243 days ago
MaiMoiMeme MaiMoiMeme
Great Organized Server for Fun RPing
The title says it all. This server is all around just great. I think anyone who sees this server should give it a chance. I have been having lots of fun in it!
243 days ago