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Inspired By Music is a place for both music enthusiasts and musicians. Song Writers, Preformers, Producers, or anything related to music. Whether you want to talk about your favorite band, your own band, instruments, genres, or just participate in voice chats, there is something for you. And the best part is our frequent events. That's not all. Reach level 50 on our bot (by being a good community member, and being active in both voice chat and text areas) you'll get a free Nitro Games subscription. :) Hope to see you soon.
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Fanboy Akyso Fanboy Akyso
I joined sorta recently and the community is super friendly and supportive!
The admin is interactive and the server is fun to say the least
Komorak Komorak
Great community
It's a fun and an accepting community

(The owner doesn't kick orphans regardless of what you think you saw)
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Jacob|-/ Jacob|-/
I'm biased as the owner
I'm the server owner. But we already have some good core members, and we welcome anyone who wants to join :)