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《My Hero Academia: A Heroes Legacy》
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《My Hero Academia: A Heroes Legacy》

My hero academia a heroes legacy is a new roleplay server made recently we have alot of rp channels and nice people so come join!
Globama Gang Bumped 106 days ago

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S̴̈́̅á̸̉t̷̚͝a̵͆̀n̶̅̿-Ette S̴̈́̅á̸̉t̷̚͝a̵͆̀n̶̅̿-Ette
Shit is awesome and fun(ny). Join.

...look ant the next part
Why are u still reading? You should be joining, not reading what I am typing.bye bye.
231 days ago
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Nejire Hado Nejire Hado
My Hero Academia
If you like my hero academia you will definitely like this server you can roleplay, chat about the manga and even meet some very nice and funny people
259 days ago