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Prime Numbers
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Prime Numbers

After an anomalous event unfolded and a global meltdown ensued, the world was left in ruin. For years, survivors struggled with one another to rebuild society as they knew it, toiling in turf wars and reconstructing cities from the urban corpses left behind. Now, a new era has given way to an endless amount of opportunities.

Will you wander the cruel wastelands or pledge your allegiance to a faction? Maybe you'll prevail and lead your own faction into glorious victory? Possibly even uncover the secrets behind the anomaly that created the world as you know it? All of it comes unto you, the player.

Our server offers:
❯ A 16+ environment.
❯ Quality paragraph/multi-paragraph roleplay.
❯ An open-world experience including expansive lore and several distinct settings.
❯ The ability to create your own factions and participate in the growth of the roleplay.
❯ Mysteries for you to discover!
❯ A welcoming community!

This server is fairly new and in need of experienced staff willing to invest themselves in the creation and further development of the server.
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