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Aquatic Affinity

Aquatic Affinity is a medium-sized community which focuses on answering questions about the aquarium hobby, discussing fishkeeping, and celebrating our shared love of fish.
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Oscar Lord of the Buffalo Oscar Lord of the Buffalo
Great Lads
I need to write 80 characters but really all I wanted to say was great lads. They're great lads.
2 days ago
mankokk mankokk
Meh tier
A little better than AC. Absolutely did not feel welcomed though. Things get a little weird in here. Owner definitely isn't on because he/she does not respond. Also didn't like the fact someone DMd me and called me the hard r n word. 🤡 do better people especially in today's political climate.
52 days ago
MarkOfCain MarkOfCain
Amazing Fishies <3<3
Great server, has plenty of active admins - willing to help day or night. The owner is always on and willing to answer questions. They make it fun too by staying engaged and doing contests/giveaways. I love all the channels and seeing the diverse group the server is. The tank advice and pictures people post is very inspirational for people who are not sure what they are looking for, and want to see their options.

58 days ago
fishR2WetNwild fishR2WetNwild
It was okay at first then I started to fall back and lurk. Really toxic and I don't think the owner even comes on.
59 days ago