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Xyzygy is a syncretic free speech occult community for practitioners of all paths, founded off /x/ in 2017. This is not a safe space. Your practice and your ego will be challenged. We are home to the best 18/F/Cali single moms, schizoids, and bastard sages of the esoteric arts. We only allow members who are either +3STD IQ or -3STD IQ in order to align ourselves with divine intuition and primal instinct. So Mote It Be.
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ifuckedup ifuckedup
fart king
i am fart king
they let me fart here
my braps fill this kingdom
let my stench envelope you
pretty good/10
88 days ago
mister mister
9/10 occultists choose Xyxygy instead of those other store-brand servers. Don't believe me? Read these testimonials:
"Life threw me a curve ball and I dropped out of college. Thankfully I was able to earn my doctorate in esoteric shitposting at Xyzygy, free of charge! Monetary, that is."
"[email protected]!k i get prostate exams at 27 just for the s*#ual thrill"
"Im not out for a who is the most Jewest Jew here, I just want to be a Jew"

Why not call Xyzygy your home, today?
88 days ago
zoefiri zoefiri
Esoteric shitposting paradise
Never have I seen such a hefty stronghold of magical and esoteric shitposts, would recommend 10/10 free speech and occultism server. Their custom bot is cool too.
92 days ago
3 4
Station1456 Station1456
Complete asinine synthesis clone
Imagine my r****** f****** surprise when a complete cancer server doesn't even realize that I am the most relevant and based individual I tried to f****** save them but they keep silencing me it's complete f****** neandrathul bulls*** that p***** me the f*** off I never want to deal with this server ever again with his k*** s*** not to mention they only post cringe memes not actual f*** content. Gangster communist computer culture avoid like the Guatamala plague
131 days ago