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|Kärlana Rebirth|
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|Kärlana Rebirth|

***Welcome to Kärlana!***

Kärlana, the land of the Gods, has been embroiled in war for a hundred years due to the Civil War in Heaven, which led to the inability to use magic for a little while.

However, things are changing, as the Civil War in Heaven as finally ended thanks to Gutharian, creator of life and everything, who banished the evil demons to the World of The Dead. What will this mean for the material plane? Will the war continue on? Will more races be added to the bloodshed? Or will peace finally be achieved, and everyone will be able to live free?

Your choices dictates what happens here in Kärlana, so come and enjoy it!

Here at Kärlana, we offer:
•A friendly environment where we will help newcomers to RP, and get them on their feet!
•Rules to make sure you only have a quality time here in Kärlana!
•Many channels where you can explore!
•Many races, magic, and other things you can have for your character!
•And lots lots more!

So what are you waiting for? Come on down today!

(Note: My old server was nuked, hence the whole “Rebirth” thing)
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